The Newfoundland Rogues is Newfoundland and Labrador’s first and only locally-owned professional basketball franchise, competing in the Basketball Super League’s (BSL) inaugural 2024 season. The team delivers fast-paced, and family-friendly entertainment combined with an unwavering commitment to Community and Inclusion.

Our Mission

We strive to create something great for the people of this province, something that they can be proud of and that is connected to their communities. We want people to feel they are part of something special, something that’s bigger than any one individual. We also want people to have fun, because we are all Rogues somehow.

Our Story

The Rogues are a family owned and run business. We made the leap to start a basketball team because we saw an opportunity to create something where everyone was welcome and where everyone had a place. Raising a child with exceptionalities made it quite obvious from the start that this wasn’t the case most times, so we wanted to create something that felt different.

Building the team for our son, with him and his peers in mind, has really been the driving force behind our decision making. We wanted to create a space where they weren’t just included, but where they could belong.

Our Colours

Maroon represents the colour of the provincial sports jerseys; Gold symbolizes the place where the sun rises first. The golden arrow in our logo points to a brighter future.

Our Mascot

Meet Peter Easton, the original pirate! Born in the late 16th century, this swashbuckling scallywag had a flair for adventure that would make even a rollercoaster jealous.

From a young age, Peter had a penchant for mischief that hinted at his future as a legendary troublemaker. As he set sail into adulthood, he embraced the pirate life with gusto, becoming the most feared man around the globe.

But Easton wasn’t just your average pirate – he was the mastermind of maritime mayhem. Known for his Robin Hood tendencies, Peter Easton had a knack for robbing from the rich and throwing a party for the poor. His pirate fleet was the stuff of legends, with ships as tall as mountains and a crew as big and powerful as the sea.

Some say, Easton’s story eventually reached its finale. Some say he retired to a secret island, where he spent his days counting doubloons. Others believe he vanished into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a cloud of glitter and the distant echo of a pirate’s laugh.

But we know what really happened. Peter Easton has joined the Newfoundland Rogues as their mighty mascot. With his best parrot Matey, Peter helps the Newfoundland Rogues fans support their team to be their very best.

Peter Easton can be found at every Newfoundland Rogues game, hyping up the audience, greeting fans and doing his best to help fans in our shooting competitions. In his inaugural season Peter went 1/20 from the free throw line. While we won’t be signing Peter to a player contract any time soon, his dedication to his fans and the community is 2nd to none.