Community giving and creating positive change is at the heart of who we are. Connecting with people and creating opportunities for everyone in the Community to experience the fun and camaraderie of being part of the team is the Rogues way.

Since our inaugural year, the Rogues have been working with community groups, schools, not-for-profit organizations, and others whose values align with our own, to bring basketball, sportsmanship and the message of Inclusion to the lives of young people in Newfoundland and Labrador.

From hosting a basketball camp with the Sheshatshiu Innu School Eagles to collaborating with Easter Seal to create Inclusion Night, we have been fortunate enough to work with incredible community initiatives in the province.

Community Appearances

If you would like the RogueSquad to visit your school, after school program, a special event or run a practice with your team send us a request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Community Impact

“We just want the community to understand that this is your team, we’re here for you at any given time, if you need us to come there, we will be there.”

Over the last two years, the Rogues basketball team has left an outsized impact on the community groups around Newfoundland and Labrador – especially those serving children and those living with exceptionalities. Any of the 30,000 visitors to a Rogues game can see the incredible popularity of the team (and its mascot), especially with children, however the Rogues went above and beyond to visit with as many fans as possible. Their efforts were officially recognized by the TBL when they received the Herb Ellis Community Service Award, honouring the organization as the top team in the league for its service.

Professional basketball is unique in its accessibility and diversity. Whereas other sports – like hockey – have built-in barriers because of cost and access to rinks, basketball is played by everyone. In fact, almost every school in the province has a basketball team, including in Sheshatshiu now.

The Rogues feature high profile visible minorities in both its top players, as well as its well-known head coach, Jerry Williams.

The team has put in countless hours making in-person visits to the following groups:


  • BGC Mundy Pond
  • BGC Buckmaster Circle
  • Easter Seals
  • Fusion Basketball
  • SJ Minor Basketball
  • NLBT Basketball
  • Vera Perlin Society
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • YMCA
  • Max Athletics
  • Kenmount Terrace (Youth Drop In and Tri-Sport Program)
  • Special Olympics (basketball)
  • Holy Spirit School
  • St Joseph’s After School Enrichment Center
  • St. George’s Elementary
  • St. Matthew’s Elementary
  • Octagon Pond Elementary
  • Goulds Elementary
  • Roncalli Elementary


  • Corpus Christi Food Bank
  • Registered Nurses Appreciation Night
  • Inclusion Night
  • Partnerships with Young Adult Cancer and Shave for the Brave
  • Hosted a basketball camp for the Sheshatshiu Innu School Eagles
  • Serving food at The Gathering Place

Collaborating with Easter Seals NL, Rogues dedicated a game night to honoring individuals with exceptionalities – Inclusion Night.

This event not only highlighted the team’s passion for basketball but also their dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone in the #RogueNation community.

The game featured performances from Coastal Wave Elite Pulse and Easter Seal’s Dansability program, as well as a wheelchair basketball demonstration.

In April, three of the team’s star players – Ron Artest III, Isaiah Hill, and Tyrone Young – along with their head coach Jerry Williams, travelled to the community of Sheshatshiu in Labrador, to host a basketball camp for the Sheshatshiu Innu School Eagles––a new high-school basketball team in the region.

The Eagles, who are only in their first season, are still getting into the swing of playing regularly on the court. Receiving tips and advice from the province’s sole professional basketball team was welcomed with open arms and helped them prepare for the season immensely.

“ It is encouraging when organizations like the Rogues make time for individuals with disabilities. A sincere thank you to you and the team for making this happen.”

Jeff Hutchings – Down Syndrome Society

I don’t even know where to begin as thank you is not nearly enough! The wonderment, joy, connection and kindness felt in our school today was beyond everyone’s expectations. The children had such personal opportunities to meet and interact with Ron, Kenny, Isaiah, Tyrone, Armani and Jamie. The teachers are all so impressed with the messages of teamwork, perseverance, determination and of the kind and caring way these incredible athletes interacted with the students.

Oh, my! The shared reading, the patient and honest answers to the children’s questions, the high and low fives, and all the autographs were beyond thoughtful. These young men proudly represented themselves and their team with such grace. They were absolutely incredible.

This sense of community and connection is so very important in this disconnected world we are living in. It’s beautiful that through the power of sports these athletes are able to give their time and kindness to make such connections with the next generation.

The Rogues’ commitment to community support was further demonstrated when they participated in serving food at The Gathering Place to celebrate Easter, symbolizing their dedication to making a positive impact.

The Rogues partnered with Young Adult Cancer and Shave for the Brave to welcome schools from across the province, rewarding students for their hard work in raising funds for young adults dealing with cancer.