Mayhem At Mary Brown’s, Tundra Topple Rogues

St. John’s, NL: It was a chaotic scene at the Mary Brown’s Center on Sunday as the Newfoundland Rogues fell 138-127 to the Montreal Tundra.

This game was well in hand when Levi Londole decided to make a dunk to raise the lead from 9 to 11 with just a few seconds left. He broke an unwritten basketball rule, and the Rogues took offence. Tempers flared, and fists nearly flew. In the end, nobody was hurt. Still, a skirmish broke out between these squads as the Tundra wrapped up a 2–1 series win.

On the basketball side, the Tundra were led by Antoine Mason. He had 26 points. Armani Chaney poured in 40 for the Rogues, but it wasn’t enough. The Rogues are in 3rd place while the Tundra remain at the bottom of the standings in 6th place.

Next, the Rogues will take a short break before hosting the Rhode Island Kraken at the Mary Browns Center on March 28. 

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Photo credit: Joe Chase